The One Card Pull

The one card pull is effective in providing clear and direct guidance and reassurance in regards to a specific matter occurring in one’s personal life.

One Card Pull
  • This consists of one 15 minute one card pull session via over the phone.
One Month O.C.P. Membership
  • This package comes with 4 One Card Pull sessions over the course of one month, where you can book the days you want ahead of time.

The Process & What to Expect

What I would like to emphasize here is that when I do my readings, I am a mere channel for these messages to come through. The main event is not my work, but the work that goes on behind the scenes. Each reading is unique in it’s own way, but below I will provide a general overview of the reading process, and what you can expect.

Phase 1: Cleansing the Energy of the Deck

(This is the first step in all of my readings.) During this shuffling phase, I clear any energy residing within my deck from a previous reading, thus setting the stage for a new one. This action avoids any potential energetic interference as a result of lingering energy from any readings that came before.

After cleansing the deck, I then set my intention for the reading: Which is to be completely open and present in order to give you an accurate, personal, and authentic reading experience.

Phase 2: Setting Your Intention (Important!)

This is the second shuffling phase, and this step is crucial because it is done by you. My readings are always a collaboration, which requires you to be just as present for it as I am.

Setting the intention for your reading is basically you setting the stage for what you would like to receive out of it. Now just to be clear, this intention is not communicated to me.

During this shuffling phase: As I shuffle, I will simply ask you to look inward, and to focus your attention on one intention, setting this intention to be whatever it is that you would like to get out of this reading.

This intention is never said aloud, only focused on with unwavering attention within your own mind. This focus thus allows your intention to be clearly communicated to your spirit guides, whom are ultimately the ones that guide me through the reading process.

Phase 3: Requesting the Presence of Your Guides

This phase is the same in both the one card pull and the past, present, future reading.

During this phase, I request the presence of your guides, and of your higher self, for guidance in regards to the intention that you have set on what you would like to get out of your reading.

This is where my guides and higher self and your guides and higher self collaborate. During this collaboration is where I ask to receive guidance towards the card that would provide the best clarity for the guidance you are seeking.

So in the end, whatever message you end up receiving is not truly from me, but being channeled through me straight from your guides and higher self!

Phase 4: Cutting the Deck

For my readings, cutting the deck always marks the transition into the pulling phase. This is where I give thanks and appreciation to all of the loving guides for being present, and give them permission to intervene during the pulling process.

Phase 5: Pulling the Card

When pulling your card, I first set the intention open up my energy channels, which allows me to receive the intuitive guidance that ultimately leads me to the card that is meant to be picked for you.

Phase 6: Reading the Message

After I initially pull your card, I first read from the book provided with the deck in order to communicate this meaning to you.

Now although I do begin by reading out of the book, I always take the time to read it over and provide my intuitive input afterwards. Regardless though, whatever the message is, it’s what is meant for you to hear.

Phase 7: Providing my Intuitive Input

This is where I look the card over and communicate to you any information that I receive from my intuition. Again, this is done with me being a channel for information to come through, not from my own personal advice. During this phase, there may be some silence during our reading as I take time to get in tune with this energy.

Phase 8: Any Questions or Feedback

Lastly, this is where you can ask any follow up questions that you have about the reading, or if you have any questions in general you can ask them here.

(If you have any questions, or would like to contact me before a reading, feel free to shoot me an email through my contact form!)