What If Right Now Was All We Had?

What if we didn’t have to think about what is to come?

Placing it all in the hands of the universe. Letting it unravel naturally, surrendering to what is and what will always be.

Trusting that everything is unfolding in your favor, backed up by unconditional love and compassion.

Giving up the need to control and manipulate each and every outcome; Knowing that what is meant to be will be, and that the only power we have over what is to come lives only within this very moment.

What if the past didn’t have the power to affect our present?

To even go as far as to say “…if the past didn’t exist?“. If what was done was already done.

To be able to let go of what doesn’t serve us, grow us, or make us happy anymore, and move onto better and new beginnings.

To forgive for the situations that we have held onto so closely for so long; Held onto so much so that we allowed it to become a part of who we are even though it causes us to suffer so greatly.

To let it all go, and understand that the only thing connecting us to those past experiences are our thoughts about said experiences, not the experiences themselves.

What if all that we had within this moment was already enough?

Not having to “get” anywhere, “get back to” anything, or be anything other than who we are now.

Having so much to be grateful for and appreciate already.

To accept and cease to resist the fact that everything “right now” may not be going as planned, and that is okay!

Let me fill you in on a not-so-secret secret: This is already true my love.

The Power of Presence

Guide your attention towards being within the present moment, be content with what is.

For me personally, nothing is more important than being content within the present moment. Once one learns how to be satisfied with what is, or in other words, once one learns how to simply be, then awareness and inner peace have room to move in.

It may sound simple, but bringing all of your attention to the present moment is not always an easy task.

Like anything that can be mastered, it takes practice. Our mind consists of many thought and reactive patterns that are constantly playing through our heads on a daily basis. Sometimes we become so used to these thoughts and ways of reacting that we don’t even realize they’re there playing in the background.

We often forget that these thoughts are just thoughts, not who we are. When we take on thoughts as our identity instead of a passing production of our minds, we’re allowing our egos run the show and therefore slip into a negative cycle of judgement towards a part of ourselves that doesn’t even really exist (except as a mental construct within our own head), which often leads to more unnecessary suffering.

When one becomes conscious of the present moment, they simultaneously become aware. If you practice meditation, one way you could identify this awareness as a reference is as “the space between,” that calm and peaceful sensation that arises between each passing thought.

To forgive and let go of the past, to cease placing so much importance on the future, to be here now at all times, to be content and satisfied with all that is, there are many different paths to presence, but the goal is all the same. 

This post was inspired by Eckhart Tolle, one of my greatest influences.