What Is Utopia To You?

When something comes to an end, there is also always the start of something new.

We have the choice of whether we want to place our focus and attention on the endings, or the new beginnings.

When one door closesanother opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Imagine how productive we would be if for every complaint we had, we also had a solution. For every “wrong thing with the worldthat we sought out, we also picked something that we had to love and appreciate. If we realize that we have less to be afraid of than our mind makes out to be, and more to celebrate and be optimistic for.

There is a lot of power when it comes to the application of the combination of presence and visualization. To envision is to make clear on what it is that we want or desire, and to be present is to trust and know that it is coming.

An important step in the process of manifestation is to practice living as if we already had what it is that we desire. If it were already here within this moment (rather than “if only we were there”). Taking on this feeling then allows us to attract the experiences that we want into our lives.

The job that you love, the loving and mutual relationship, the dream home, good health, even “joy” itself, you already have it.

Now, as a collective, we have the power to manifest any world that we desire. World peace, joy, love. I mean, who doesn’t want a world free of suffering, especially if it includes ourselves and our loved ones? But the first step that we often forget to even think about, what does this world even look like? What does this world feel like? What is this utopia in the first place?

  • Imagine… If we all saw how similar we are instead seeking out differences.
  • Imagine… If we prioritized healing over punishment.
  • Imagine… If we worked harder to unify rather than compete.
  • Imagine… If we worried less about “keeping” and more about “giving“.
  • Imagine… If we didn’t have to worry so much about surviving, and could spend our lives simply living.
  • To note… This is all very possible and realistic, but nonetheless, a collective effort.

So I propose to you reading this right now, instead of habitually thinking about what we don’t want, let us together, for a minute, take a break and think about what we do; And I finish by posing the question: What is utopia to you?

Thank you. All my love and appreciation to you, and best wishes on your journey. ❤ Namaste.

What If Right Now Was All We Had?

What if we didn’t have to think about what is to come?

Placing it all in the hands of the universe. Letting it unravel naturally, surrendering to what is and what will always be.

Trusting that everything is unfolding in your favor, backed up by unconditional love and compassion.

Giving up the need to control and manipulate each and every outcome; Knowing that what is meant to be will be, and that the only power we have over what is to come lives only within this very moment.

What if the past didn’t have the power to affect our present?

To even go as far as to say “…if the past didn’t exist?“. If what was done was already done.

To be able to let go of what doesn’t serve us, grow us, or make us happy anymore, and move onto better and new beginnings.

To forgive for the situations that we have held onto so closely for so long; Held onto so much so that we allowed it to become a part of who we are even though it causes us to suffer so greatly.

To let it all go, and understand that the only thing connecting us to those past experiences are our thoughts about said experiences, not the experiences themselves.

What if all that we had within this moment was already enough?

Not having to “get” anywhere, “get back to” anything, or be anything other than who we are now.

Having so much to be grateful for and appreciate already.

To accept and cease to resist the fact that everything “right now” may not be going as planned, and that is okay!

Let me fill you in on a not-so-secret secret: This is already true my love.


How the mantra, “I AM THAT ALREADY,” created a positive shift within my life.

"For today, I let myself know that 'I AM THAT ALREADY.'
In other words, I don't need to 'get' anywhere, I'm already there.
Whatever I need/want I can attract.
Whatever does not honor me or bring me joy, I can let go of.
I am already successful, at peace, complete, enough.
The only way I can lose this peace is by believing I don't have it,
by believing it is lost.
I AM that peace, and I lose it when I look outside of myself for answers, validation, satisfaction. 
So... Whatever I often try so hard to be, I am that already.
I am, that I am."

“Love, You Are Enough, As You Are.”

This is truly at the core of the mantra “I am that already.

One cause of suffering is the belief that we are not good enough as we are. The belief that we need to obtain, achieve, or satisfy something outside of ourselves in order to prove that who we are is in fact enough.

The difficult part about this though, is that no matter how hard we work towards the things that we think are required in order to make us complete, it will never be enough, because we would have been looking in all of the wrong places (we do not even have to look in the first place).

You do not have to prove yourself to anyone… So whatever point you feel as though you need to get to in order to be enough, whatever you spend so much time desiring and aspiring to “be”, just know that you are that already.

The more you know this statement to be true, that you are already enough, the easier it will become to attract and manifest the things and experiences that you truly desire.

The energies of lack and love, of dissatisfaction and appreciation, vibrate on completely different frequencies; Therefore, they will attract completely different things.

“There’s No Need To Chase, You Are Already There.”

This goes hand in hand with knowing that we are already complete and enough as we are.

We are already where we need to be. Everything that we need or desire, we have the power to attract. We don’t need to “get” anywhere outside of ourselves to be where we want to be, it truly all happens within our being.

Whether it be slaving away at work to try and live up to a certain standard, or sticking with a strict routine in order to maintain a certain image, more often times than not: We are unconsciously doing it in the attempts to manage the perceptions of others regarding who we are as a person, rather than doing it because we genuinely love and care for ourselves.

All it takes is a shift in our way of thinking, a shift to being more loving and compassionate towards ourselves. So the next time you meditate, exercise, go to work, or even something as simple as washing your face, think about why you do it.

“Allow You To Be The Source Of Your Own Peace.”

Once we realize that we are the source of our peace, we also realize that this peace can then never be lost. This can be one of the hardest concepts to accept as we live in a world filled with so many ways to escape and distract ourselves.

You can be your own friend, your own lover, your own motivation.

One of the most liberating things for me was truly realizing my worth. Stepping into confidence and letting go of all the internal self-doubt I was grasping onto. The doubt that I thought I needed in order to improve. Little did I know, the only way I could improve was by letting go of this doubt, this judgement, entirely.

So the same thing I say to myself, I now say to you: No need to worry about achieving, chasing, or living up to something “greater.” Love, you are that already, and that is more than enough.

YOU are what keeps United Being going, so thank you for your support! All my love, and I continue to wish you all the best on your journey. Namaste.

Let go, and Let Flow

Resistance of the flow happens when one allows fear-based thinking and negative emotions to take control, which causes suffering. When one ceases to resist and allows the natural flow to occur within them, without judgement or retaliation, inner peace takes over.

To make inner peace is to cease the fighting within. To allow, to forgive, to accept, to love. There is a saying that we usually make ourselves own worst enemies, that is to say, we judge our minds and our own egos the harshest. The things that we tend to judge in others, whether we’re aware of it or not, is usually a reflection of how we feel about our own identities.

We all inherently have the desire to come from a place of authenticity, but that is a difficult task when most of don’t even know how to be honest with ourselves. This is not usually intentional, but we have trained ourselves so well to avoid thoughts and feelings that make us uncomfortable that, for most of us, it has become ingrained within our mental structure.

When we become aware of the reason behind why certain emotions, thoughts, and feelings arise, instead of falling into the self-constructed pattern of judgement and escapism, the path to freeing oneself of the suffering connected to these certain emotions, thoughts, and feelings then becomes apparent.

We then realize that these thoughts, feelings, and emotions only have the power to effect us because we allow them to, because we give it our attention, whether we’re aware of it or not.

To fall into identification with things like thought and emotion is to allow thought and emotion to determine and have power over how we feel, and this includes how we feel about ourselves. This is to resist the natural flow of what is, to resist all that is love. 

When we allow these things to flow through us without judgement or fear, only with the presence of love and acceptance towards anything that arises, we then allow it to come and go, to pass through us instead of holding onto it with our attention. We then learn how to let go, and let flow.