Personalized Hypnosis Recordings

This service consists of:

  • – Two Personalized Guided Hypnosis Audio Recordings.
  • – One initial 15 minute consultation over the phone.
  • – Check ins over the course of one week to ensure that progress is being made.
  • – A PDF with instructions on how and when to listen to them.

What is a personalized guided hypnosis audio recording?

A “personalized guided hypnosis audio recording” is simply…

A unique guided hypnosis experience that is crafted with the specific intention of changing whatever aspect of your life you are looking to change, embedding new patterns that will serve you in your own personal life.

This is a one of a kind hypnosis audio recording that is made to be listened to by you and only you. a truly tailored experience.


What is the difference between the two-set and the one-month package?

The two-set hypnosis recording service entails two personalized guided hypnosis experiences, one initial 15 minute consultation, and one week of check ins. The one-month package is a one of a kind program that lasts over the course of one month, and includes eight personalized guided hypnosis experiences (two for each week), weekly check ins over the course of the month, and an initial 20 minute consultation.

TWO-SET SERVICE15 Minutes2 in TotalOnly for the first initial week.
ONE-MONTH PACKAGE20 Minutes8 in TotalFor the course of the whole month.
What can I expect the process to be like after I purchase this service?

When you first purchase this service, you will also be able to book a date and time for your initial consultation.

The next step after purchasing and booking would be to fill out a short intake form that I will be forwarding to whatever email you provide to me during the purchase and booking process.

After I receive your intake form, the next step would be to simply connect over the phone for our consultation.

After our consultation, it will take me around 5-7 days to craft your personalized audio recordings.

As soon as I have completed this process, I will be sending your personalized recordings to you through email, along with a PDF document that includes instructions regarding how and when to listen to your personalized recordings, helpful tips for your guided hypnosis journey, and information on how you can optimize your overall experience.

For the first week, starting the day that you receive your recordings, I will also be checking in with you to make sure that you see the positive results you are looking for.

(And regardless, if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me through the “Contact Form” located on this site, or by phone.)

How long is each recording?

The first recording that is meant to be listened to in the morning is 15 minutes long.

The second recording that is meant to be listened to as you go to sleep is an hour long.

What style of hypnosis do you use?

The type of hypnosis that I use is integrative, which means that it is a collection of different types and styles of hypnosis including N.L.P., Ericksonian, Traditional, Regressions, amongst others.

Are you qualified to do this work?

Yes! I participated in an intensive certification course and am currently fully certified in the art of Integrative Hypnosis and Integrative Life Coaching. I love this work, which is why I put the time and effort into becoming qualified to conduct it on my own as my career.

I also have more information regarding my own experience and personal journey with hypnosis located under the “About” section on this site.

Two-Set of Personalized Hypnosis Recordings
  • Two personalized hypnosis recordings, and an initial 15 minute consultation booked on a day and time of your choosing. For the first week, I will check in with you to ensure that progress is being made.
One-Month Personalized Hypnosis Recording Package
  • A 4-week program that includes 8 separate personalized hypnosis recordings, weekly check ins over the course of one month, and one initial 20 minute consultation.