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Welcome to United Being!

At United Being, the mission and intention is to pull aside the curtain of your unconscious mind, revealing the true potential that is already present within.


The magic is already there, the work is simply showing you how to see it.

Available Services

  • Integrative Hypnosis Sessions
  • Past Life Regression Sessions
  • Integrative Life Coaching

Integrative Hypnosis

  • Breaking patterns, cycles, and habits.
  • Restructuring limiting beliefs.
  • Paradigm shifts, and more...

Past Life Regressions

  • Gain insight and knowledge on your past lives.
  • Learn about past experiences that are relevant to your life today.
  • Experience and visit a past life.

Integrative Life Coaching

  • Be guided to your fullest potential.
  • Formulate detailed plans on how to best achieve your goals.
  • Identify and set clear goals to work towards, and more...

Disclaimer: None of my services are therapy services, as I am not a LIcensed therapist.

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has the power to change the mind within a fraction of the time (and effort) that it would take to achieve the same outcome through conscious repetition. 


Instead of reprogramming patterns through repetitively sending the same suggestions through your conscious filter solely from sheer willpower, hypnosis sends these suggestions straight into your unconscious mind, bypassing this conscious filter and allowing you to communicate with your unconscious directly.

Did you know that current scientific statistics show that an estimate of 95% of our brain activity is unconscious? This means that we are only conscious of about 5% of our cognitive activity.

Why United Being?

As a lover of the unconscious mind, this is not only my work, but also my passion


I strive to motivate my clients to tap into this limitless potential that they hold within themselves, highlighting this interplay between their conscious and unconscious, encouraging them to know that they are the directors of their own movies, the choreographers of their own dance.

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