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A One Card Pull ($10)

The one card pull is effective in providing clear and direct guidance and reassurance in regards to a specific matter occurring in one’s personal life.

(My personal favorite.)

Past, Present, & Future Reading ($15)

The past, present, & future reading focuses on how the overall energy derived from one’s past, present, and future has an influence on their collective life experiences, bringing these influences into awareness for the individual.


“I really enjoy working with Jordan. She has this beautiful energy and presence about her. She has done a few readings for me and each one was spot on. I love how she connects with my spirit guides to truly provide me with a tailored experience.”

– Jessica Hernandez

“When I began my reading with Jordan, I wasn’t exactly sure what specific question I wanted answered. I was afraid my mind was too scattered, but I knew that was a part of my problem, and that my scattered brain was interfering with my business goals.

As she started her reading, it was as if everything became clear. The cards she pulled gave me the answers I needed about a new project I was thinking about that I hadn’t really expressed out loud or taken action on. The reading was so accurate and on point that I made some changes, and my business has seen growth! I definitely recommend having a reading with Jordan as I gained so much clarity and inspiration after our reading!”

– Yolanda Gonzalez

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Jordan Crockenberg

Card Reader Certified Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Life Coach

As someone who does readings on myself often, this is something that I genuinely enjoy doing as a pass time! I love connecting with my guides and the higher part of our selves, and being an open channel for guidance and clarity.