Philadelphia, PA

  • – Certified Hypnotist
  • – Certified in Reiki I
  • – Certified Life Coach

About Me

Throughout my life journey, I have always been drawn towards understanding all of the different levels and components that construct this intricate “labyrinth” that we call “the mind”. I wondered: “How does the mind play such a prominent role in our daily lives, yet still manage to be so mysterious and ambiguous in nature?” This persistent curiosity led me to become an enthusiast in investigating the interplay of mind, body, and spirit, and to learn about how these connections have the potential to influence our way of living.  

After coming to the liberating conclusion that college no longer suited me and my passions, I made the decision to diverge and take an entrepreneurial route. I wanted my work to be something that brings me joy, and to help and be of service to others in the process. This is when I met hypnosis

What I Do…

Integrative Hypnosis

Integrative Life Coaching


Oracle Card Readings



My Journey With Hypnosis

Most of my mentors in life actually happen to be trained and certified hypnotists, although even with this knowledge, I never considered the possibility of becoming a professional hypnotist; That is until one of my mentors mentioned it to me one day as I was leaving her office. “This is work that I potentially see you doing in the future,” she said to me. Knowing this mentor to be a very intuitive and genuine individual, her mentioning this to me led me to become open to hypnosis being a potential career path.  

Once enrolled in my hypnosis certification course, led by one of my most influential teachers, Melissa Tiers, my eyes became open to this beautiful and expansive branch of mind work. I was seeking out work that sparked a playful curiosity within me, and created a positive shift in the lives of others, and hypnosis was a perfect integration of both of these qualities.

I was so excited to learn all that I could about hypnosis. It was like unearthing a whole new facet of mind that I didn’t know existed. I remember constantly smiling as I was taking notes during my course, simply because the content was so intriguing to me. There is no doubt that this is the work I had been searching for, and now I’m motivated to share it with the world.

About United Being

 Starting out as a small spiritual and wellness blog, United Being grew into what it is today; A business dedicated to serving the well-being of others.

 The reason I started my blog was the same reason I transitioned into starting my business; I wanted to be able support others in their own unique journeys, doing work that was aligned with me and my passions.

 It all ends up coming back to the same thing… At it’s core, United Being was established with the intention of helping others in an authentic way. In its simplicity, this is what United Being truly stands for, as this is what stand for; From one human being to another. 

(An image of me doing a standing forward bend from one of my very first blog posts.)