JOURNAL ENTRY ~ 4/18/2023

Resuscitation: Dropping Into This Moment


I had a realization in regards to the anxiety that I tend to recurringly experience.

It had to do with not knowing. It may even be more accurate to express that this whole realization was not knowing, and not only not knowing, but also feeling content with this truth.

I was in the midst of tracing a trail of thinking and thinking and thinking… (Mainly in relation to what would have been my potential future in the context of that moment.)

Then, what dropped on my head, in a way that felt like it could have been compared to resuscitation, was the truth of not knowing combined with the feeling of being content with said thing.

The trail stopped,

Because I had no idea.

And it ceased to continue because I finally felt (feel) safe and embraced with this concept.

Even if I knew my future, it would be so far out of reach that knowing would be of no use, and if I had any power to influence said future, then it would be rooted where I am now, so why would I spend such precious time fearing what could be and thus missing what is right in front of me?


This was not only the cessation of the captivating vortex of anxiety inducing thoughts, but it was also bonded with the cessation of the embodiment of fear.

Although, nor was this only cessation…

As the embodiment of fear ceased, room was made for the embodiment of Being to move in, paired with stillness.

Being exactly where I was, undeniably, yet unknowingly.

With the embodiment of Beingness, resting at the core, unshaken, other experiences such as appreciation, patience, calmness, and ease tend to follow naturally, sprouted from the roots of being without the need to know.

From that angle, the future seemed less like a game of chasing and beating the clock, and more like a variable that may be attracted and determined by the experiences and choices of this moment.


We lose it when we overcomplicate things.

When we write out stories in our heads that scream over the stories that are playing out right in front of us.

When we forget that we do not need to know, and that even if we feel the need to know, the Truth is that we will never know everything.

We will never find it.

Because the second we find it, we lose it.

The only way to find it is to give it up.

And when we give it up, and we lose it, may we realize that we’ve had it all along…

United Being’s writing is not objective truth, but perhaps a fresh lens to consider perceiving the world through.

There is no “right” nor “wrong” way of interpreting this information, and I encourage all of my readers to absorb the information that I provide here and use it as a tool to be integrated into your own unique and individual perspective, as you continue to tread and honor your own path.

All my love, and genuine best wishes to you all! Peace!


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