Anew ~ A New Poem


I’ve been feeling renewed lately…

Allowing this “self” to be encapsulated within this essence of safety.

Grounding love. Open heart. Forever free spirit.

Below and Above, they’re not apart, and yet they are, which is the limit.

For when we say, “Below and Above” we may say, “one and the other“.

The same way we may say, “I am not enough, for they are this and better.

Although when we say, “Below and Above” are we not saying both?

For below would not be without above, nor above without below.

So the old self fades as I embrace the “allness” of this “all“.

A flower and a butterfly, as us, are both beautiful.

Little to no resistance, and in other words, surrender.

Softness, as I’m drawn in closer to this center.

In awe and appreciation of this tender Love that grew.

Oh, how satisfying it feels to emerge as “self” anew…

~ Jo

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