Organic Raw Cocoa Butter: An All Natural Moisturizer

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter hydrates and moisturizes when rubbed on the skin or lips. If you make sure you get organic, raw Cocoa Butter, it is all natural.

As I started to become more conscious of the overall health of my physical body, I realized that I not only wanted to become more aware of what I was ingesting, but also of what I was putting onto my body.

In the beginning of this journey, I started by focusing on eliminating little things like sugar, bread, and dairy products. Once I started to observe and recognize how these minor initiatives were improving my overall well-being, this positive feeling then encouraged me to expand this practice of becoming more in tune with my body.

I began to read the labels of the products that I was putting in and onto my body, and one of the things I ended up changing was what I moisturized my skin with. Whenever I was in doubt, I automatically went the natural route; and when it comes to moisturizing skin, it doesn’t really get more natural then raw cocoa butter (or Shea Butter, but due to the smell, Cocoa Butter is my personal preference).

It is cheaper than what I was originally paying for lotion and moisturizers, and most importantly, my body loves it and it makes me feel good.  If you’re interested, make sure to look for organic, raw cocoa butter.

As I always like to remind myself: My body is my temple, I will treat it as such. 

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