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Tailored hypnosis experiences, holistic life coaching sessions, and an authentic mission to serve the collective of humanity.

Personalized Guided Hypnosis Recordings

These are guided hypnosis audio recordings made specifically for you, and only you. After an initial consultation, booked on the date and time of your choosing, I then provide two unique auditory experiences that are listened to in the morning and at night. As time goes on, these hypnotic experiences will be the guiding force that shifts you into a new, and honoring, state of being.

For spiritual content, and content related to holistic health & wellness, visit the United Being blog.

Virtual Life-Coaching Sessions

I take a holistic approach in my one-on-one life-coaching sessions. This means that I take the whole of the individual into account when conducting my services. Body, mind, and spirit. I truly want to see you reach your goals as much as you do, in the most genuine way possible. Here, I work with you in constructing step by step plans to shift your dreams into realities.

Life-Coaching Session


A one hour life-coaching session over Zoom, booked on a day and time of your choosing.

Personalized Guided Hypnosis Recordings


Two personalized guided hypnosis recordings, and one 15 minute over the phone consultation.

Personalized Hypnosis Recordings: One Month Package


A 4-Week program that includes 8 personalized hypnosis recordings, weekly check ins, and one initial 20 minute consultation.

United Being LLC

Founded in 2020 by Jordan Crockenberg.

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